Hidden deep within the shadows of Mt. Shepherd in Randolph County lies the rundown remains of the Hoover hill mining community. Well known as a thriving mining town in the early 1900’s, people from all over came to work in the mines until a horrific collapse brought the community to it knees in 1948. Buried alive in a large chamber of the mine were seventeen of the miners. The people of the community worked for weeks to try and reach the buried miners but eventually gave up one by one until all hope was abandon. Legend has it that the buried miners vowed to seek revenge on the community and anyone who ever dared to enter the property. Throughout the years many reports have come from people in and around the area of strange sounds and lights coming from the mountain. Family pets have gone missing as well as several people throughout the years.

In 2002 Mountain View Productions Inc. purchased the property and started renovations on the old community which is now Mountain of Terror Haunted Attraction. The 2011 Halloween season will be the ninth year that Mountain of Terror has operated at this location and the experiences on the mountain have been phenomenal. Not only do folks get the excitement added to the attraction by the props and actors but they also get some unexpected thrills from the unknown. Mountain of Terror has become a local legend in itself due to the real and unexplainable things that happen.

Over the years we have added more and more to the attraction to keep our customers guessing from year to year and a lot of what we do come from some kind of unexplainable experience we ourselves have encountered while working out there.

For this season Mountain of Terror offers 20 new and horrifying attractions spread out over nearly a ½ mile of terrifying wooded trail full of fears and tears that snakes its way through the old mining community. During your adventure you will pass through over 700 feet of underground tunnels, the Jungle of Misery, ancient grave yards, the Miner’s Lodge and finally end up in the much dreaded Maze of Mayhem which has become our signature attraction.


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